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DLA 6th Amgen training course: Testing Scientific Skills

Training course: Testing Scientific Skills: Exploring a protocol to construct exam questions to assess scientific thinking.

Webinar video available at:


The PISA definition of Scientific Competence includes three major components: Conceptual (to know and use scientific models to solve problems), Procedural (to design investigations, analyse scientific data and other scientific skills) and Epistemic (related to the understanding of the nature of Science and the way scientific knowledge is constructed and validated).

The PISA tests demonstrates that this is possible to test such dimensions, and, in particular those scientific skills taking part in the procedural component. Since 2011 the expert has lead EduWikiLab ( ), a group of teachers that undertook this subject and developed and applied several Exam Questions. As a result of this work, a Protocol to construct several kinds of exam questions assessing Scientific Skills arose. During this Distance Learning Activity, the expert will introduce and explain this protocol and give you guidance on how you may apply it to your own teaching situation.


Also available the presentation Slideshare


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